Common Australian Garden and Household Pests

3 Common Australian Garden Pests

The Citrus Leafminer (Phyllocnistis citrella) also known as CLM in agriculture, is a type of moth. As its name suggests it, it attacks citrus plants. The larvae of this moth have an impact to the citrus leaves. They burrow into the leaves as they grow and once a larva is fully grown, to pupate, they distort the leaves creating their coocons. To take action against this pest, simply remove the leaves affected by the leafminer larvae, and for prevention use insecticides.

The Limax slugs can also become a problem especially to a vegetable garden. The most common species are Limax Maximus and Limax Flavus. To put it simply, these slugs eat the leaves and fruit of the plant they attack. To get rid of them, in case you don’t want to use any pesticide, you can spray the plants with a mix of espresso coffee and water. Apparently snails and slugs hate this mix. Also, you can use salt water, but in a low concentration because it can also affect the plants.

Aphids are a common problem to almost any garden around the world not just Australia. They’re basically the plant lice and feed by sucking the plant juices. Although they’re worst enemies are the ants, aphids multiply quickly and a few colonies of ants in your garden may not keep up with them. In case of an aphid infestation, insecticides are the best to go with. And to be sure you use the right insecticide, you can just take a few in a test tube and take them to the local garden center. They’ll know what to recommend you.

3 Common Australian House Pests

The Redback Spider is a spider easily recognizable by their small black body with a red stripe on the back, long frontal and back legs and a rather disorganized web. They secrete a neurotoxic venom and the bites of these spiders cause severe pain. Of course, an “infestation” with this type of spiders usually doesn’t have huge proportions, you simply may find them in a corner of your house, basement attic etc. They can easily be contained in a jar and released somewhere away from the house. They usually don’t require the intervention of a pest control specialist.

Rats and mice, although they are known as common household pests all over the world have to be mentioned here. They can be disposed of by various means, but in case of a severe invasion of rodents, it’s best to call pest control. And if you’re in Sydney, AU, I can recommend Pest Control Woollahra, they did a great job at my brother-in-laws farm.

Bees are also among the deadliest creatures of Australia, with considerable capabilities to put human life in danger. Although they can’t be cataloged specifically as a “house pest”, a rogue swarm of bees can always appear in the most unexpected places, like on your car, inside your kitchen etc. Needless to say, the removal of a bee swarm requires special skills and procedures. And also for this I should recommend the Pest Control Eastern Suburbs.


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